Muffin report?


Food was abysmal.
Didn’t haven any but didn’t hear one good thing…

Music sounded better in the rooms. Missed the quaintness, though.


Burger (a nice one tbf) in a bun with a small handful of chips - £9.95.


Were there any oligarchs there pressuring the muffin dealers for discounts or were they all at home voting?


I hear the Chicken burger was disappointing?



I enjoyed the walk around, it’s always nice to say hello to so many friends and aquantances.


My second biggest disappointment of the day was that we weren’t given name tags like wot were introduced last year. The previous year didn’t need them as you just looked out for capes and the like and severe hangovers that meant the exhibitors could not move more than 2 doors from their room.

I had chat with Spider to talk about the record cleaner (which looked great, interest logged) and it would have been great to meet you, and other under cover meat men.

My biggest disappointment was the promotion and prizes in the charity. @Mickyricky, what did you think?




I planned to wear mine from last year, forgot.


Was great when Bob ( Khapak) made them for everyone for free as his contribution to the event, I think that was called being part of the community. :grinning:


And he gave all the proceeds to charity. Proper gent.


Finally home after a long and tiring day. I’ve got mixed feelings about the new venue but it was great to have a decent sized room to exhibit in.


Mick @mmichbam made them the year before last, and all people did was moan they didn’t stay facing the right way round.


In my totally independent unbiased opinion, your hifi was the best.


Just got to my PC after the journey home with Edd.

Sonically, I’ve not heard a better show - the rooms work much better with hifi gear in them than most of the Scalford rooms. I have a new fetish for old Philips active powered speakers.

Definitely will put my name down to exhibit some other stuff next year.


I had a good time and so, it seemed, did most of the people I met. It’s always a pleasure to see so many old
friends face to face. The hotel doesn’t have the ‘quirky charm/faded grandeur’ of Scalford (I liked that charm, but it could be a pain too). The typical rooms were a bit larger than Scalford’s which certainly helped. There were no substantially bigger rooms (syndicate sized) or huge rooms though. It’s a more modern place and that’s just the way it is.

As always I take my hat off to the folks who lugged their kit there, set it up to be listened to by others and then stripped it all down again and lugged it home. I also appreciate the effort of the organisers who, whatever anyone might think, make the show happen. They take the risk and they put a good deal of effort in.

The effects of the weather were a shame, although hundreds of people did still make it. To be honest I think the authorities in this country now deliberately sow fear and blame because the alternative would involve actually having to spend eightpence on keeping the roads open like foreigners do. We can get away with pinching pennies just as long we can persuade everyone to stay in bed and watch life on their phones instead. The fact is I drove a hundred miles there yesterday, never once drove on any settled snow at all and only had to put my windscreen wipers on twice. Today I drove home on perfectly clear roads the whole way except for the last 800 yds or so, and that bit had snow so shallow that I couldn’t tell it was there.

As always I heard some rooms I really liked and others which the owners loved but weren’t quite my cup of tea.

I tried one of my test tracks in Ian’s room and in my genuinely unbiased opinion his hifi played it best. Of course I didn’t try that track in every other room but I did try it in a few with considerably bigger speakers !



Amy and I had a lovely time today, all the rooms were my favourite and only 30mins from home, brill.

The kitchen worktop speakers were nice, though I think the crossovers would sound better if made from Cigar boxes :+1:


Mmm, you can get humidors quote cheap, good idea.


I was there when she called Rob out for saying that in every room :rofl:.



Some snaps (when I remembered to actually take them :man_facepalming:).