Keith Monks

I have decided to buy a Keith Monks Discovery One machine as I’m fed up being deafened by my kit built Moth and dislike the lip smear it leaves on the records when the vacuum tube becomes moist after extended use (:confounded:).

I was doing a search on-line for dealers and noticed that the Keith Monks domain has expired. This usually indicates the business has gone bust. Has anybody heard anything?

Try here

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I saw that. I’m rather more concerned about spending nearly £2K on a machine that will have little or no backup. Also, it would be a shame if KM were bust as they are/were a proper company in terms of erratic if very pleasant customer service.

Fair point but as KM was decent company, I’d assume parts are stocked by AS.

What about a Loricraft machine? Terry is still is about in Lambourn


Yep, a viable alternative. I had decided on a KM and fannied about for a while. Now I may have to think again, which at my stage of life is even more difficult than thinking for the first time…:head_bandage:

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this works

Excuse me for not apologising in the OP for lowering the tone of the slaughterhouse by posting a Hi Fi thread. I am ashamed of myself.


This is the newer version, of what I have. Supposed to be very good.

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Excellent. Only KM could have a website that is optimised to return a dead domain to a Google search. Fair warms the cockles of my cynical heart that…