Pandora Box opened.

Gis a clue…

Is this a meaningful statement (if so,please elaborate) or have you been drinking turpentine, Gordan?

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It comes after Kii2 before Kii4

Honestly, I got nothing.

no, turpentine, actually worse - i broke BDS with opening a bottle of really nice israeli recanati 2013. oh well, palestinians will have to do it without me, at least tonite.

so, who succumbed to keith’s ubiquitous forum rants? confess!

Hi Chumpy.

This is the only forum I frequent these days,so luckily have missed the fun

Uma Thurman was good in it.:+1:

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I like you, Gordan, but what the fuck are you on about?

Is it related to another forum?



do your boxes have cardioid response?

I don’t know. Never heard them.

What’s that got to do with it?

Changed your post

Sorry, I’m out

Who is Keith?

I assume it’s Purite

Pointless thread is pointless


What actually really disturbed me more is that someone who had a chance to call themselves Double Dutch (referring to one of the biggest pop songs of the era, no deeper reference), chose Dutch & Dutch instead.

I would buy a Double Dutch speaker.

Is this a hifi forum now?

No, it’s a Monty Python sketch


Fuck sakes :man_facepalming: