Kit valuation

I’ve been doing some cheffing for a lady who’s husband died last September and left a number of bits of hifi gear, which she is interested in selling:

All pieces in original state and look immaculate. He was a serious music lover and used the Chateau here primarily as a place to host classical festivals.

Krell KAV 300i
Quad ESL63 ls (may have been a custom job by Quad)
Quad 405 pre / power combo
Meridian 506 CD player
Rega Planar 1 with Rega Carbon cartridge

She can get all of it back to the Cambridge area as she drives back around every two months. If anyone (@ICHM) can give a ballpark for each piece that would be amazing

As I live just outside Cambridge, will be happy to collect and hold anything, for a buyer.


My view,

Don’t know the custom quads, normal ones depend on when serviced, anything from £500 to 1K.

Quad amps now about £500

Merdian CD depends on whether it’s 16, 18 or 20 bit, typically 350 to 400.

Don’t know the Regs p1

Prices vary a bit on the Quad stuff depending on whether it’s the 405 or the 405-2 and the 44 Mk1 or Mk2 (I assume the pre is a 44). It can be hard to tell the pres apart - the transition from brown to grey does not signify the change from Mk1 to Mk2. It’s easier with the power amps - it says so on the front, as here

In each case the later versions are better and are worth more.


from memory I got about £600 for my Quad Combo about 3 years ago. Mk2 in ok condition

Some scratches on casework but the fins on the power amp were un-pranged

It’s definitely the 20bit version

Ebay will tell you the value, search for sold items

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To be honest the prices are down on the Quad gear - I would be wary of looking at dealer prices here unless you are willing / able to offer warranty.

These are just standard 63’s.

Yeah, i’m Not sure these are the standard 63s. Need to look more closely at them tomorrow.

The only variant Quad made was the professional version, better binding posts and a retainer on the mains socket, some were also specified with side handles. Internally they are identical and value wise they don’t hold a premium over the domestic model. Technically all Quad ESL63’s have the LS designation it was the full model name- Quad ESL63 LS.

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Have checked the Quad amps and it looks like it’s mk1 versions of the 44 and 405