Klaus Schulze - where to start?

As per the title.

I like “Signs of Dawn” that I have on a compilation, but when I look on Spotify he has a colossal back catalogue.

So, any tips on a couple of “classic” albums please?

I like Irrlicht; an album guaranteed to drive everyone else in the house mad, so I save it for special occasions :grin:

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Perfect, thanks very much.

Timewind in particular rings a bell.

I think a mate in Edinburgh used to play it on boozy nights.

A lot of his stuff was played during the hazey days :grinning:

Mirage is my fave - I can’t speak for his later stuff as I kinda moved away from his style of electronic music but as you say he’s got some back catalogue so plenty to explore.

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fantastic , i listen to berlin school stuff all the time .

you might like dark side of the moog


and i like this

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Stuntman is a good one we’ll that’s what I think.

For my money it would be;

Picture Music, Timewind and Moondawn.

Or just jump straight in…

Yes, I think the same mate mentioned above bought that.

I remember loooooooads of the CDs being scattered gaily around his flat.

He wasn’t the tidiest of people.

Timewind here, too.

if you fancy a well priced 2 dvd set here is one


Is that not an Edgar Froese album ?

That said have you listened to Froese’s early solo work Guy - tremendous.

Ah my mistake sorry