Any kombucha experts here?
Started my first batch last Saturday, over the last few days a white layer has grown over the top of the whole thing above the scoby. Is it mold?

Sorry Dom, I don’t have the slightest clue what you are on about.

Have you considered Siemens?


I think he said it was mould


Can’t get used to this Apple phone, I meant mold not mould

It’s a fermented tea that’s sweet and sour and nicely hipster



I quite like a bit of kombucha but I have to say I’ve never been tempted to try to make my own and looking at your pictures I’m more convinced than ever :wink:


we quite like it and Ocado delivers

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From some google foo and the advice of a hipster it’s my own scoby growing over the original one that I used to start the fermentation. I can either bin it when this batch is ready or use it to start another batch.

Had a taste and it’s too sweet, no sour taste at all yet, so needs longer I think

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My colleague at work makes it. I can honestly say it makes me feel like shit. :nauseated_face:

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What doesn’t kill you…

It’s fermenting nicely now and my baby scoby has seriously developed now. I’m guessing another few days and it will be ready

Hangover piss. :+1:


I think it will be if I leave it too long

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