KT66 3 Pairs For Sale

Selling on behalf of a friend 3 pairs of KT66s. All are NOS and never been used. All were tested a couple of weeks ago by Henry (toprepairman) over at t’other place and all tested with very similar characteristics. Looking at £150 pair + p&p

Specs below and can send pictures if interested

Valve: KT66
Provenance: MOD 5 boxed, 1 unboxed
Condition: All unused
Base: Brown
Manufacturer: GEC MO Valve Company Made in UK
Detail Stamp GEC KT 66 8008 Z
GEC CV1075 8149 Z
KT66 7803 Z
CV 1075 7620 Z
GEC KT 66 8239 Z
KT 66 7744 Z