Labour leadership runners and riders

What is the AA consensus here? There’s three candidates I think would take Labour forward. That in itself seems unusual but I guess Corbyn was so bad, many people look like an upgrade at the moment.

I’ve made the poll multi-choice in case like me, you think there’s more than one credible candidate.

After the results are in we’ll let a pfm regular go and troll them.

  • Rebecca Long-Bailey
  • Lisa Nandy
  • Keir Starmer
  • Clive Lewis
  • Yvette Cooper
  • Angela Raynor
  • Jess Phillips
  • Other

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We need an extra checkbox: “I no longer give a fuck as I am busy preparing for the impending apocalypse”

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Let’s all imagine that a Maomentum infected Labour party would vote for someone with a double barrelled name…

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Jess Philips and Lisa Nandy are the suitable choices right now. You’d be exercising considerable mental gymnastics to describe them as ‘Blairite’ and they’re reasonably capable performers with (I think anyway) few skeletons in their respective closets.

Watch therefore with laser guided certainty as the Labour party selects Rebecca Long-Bailey for some continuity Corbynism.

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By the way, I didn’t order the poll options that way. Nothing should be inferred from that. :slight_smile:

Mm, someone hasn’t done his unconscious bias refresher this year :wink:

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Yeah, that’s my fear. Jess Phillips would probably be my preferred choice right now. Starmer would make a good leader but I don’t think he’s going to go down well in northern Labour territories.

Where is that now?



I think the whole northern pastiche thing has been reasonably well debunked, given large swathes of the north east just voted for Boris fucking Johnson.


Needs to be someone who can constantly hold Johnson to account

Even if it’s just for the next 24 months then they can change leadership in the run up to the next election

I’d say starmer or Cooper would be best at that job

There’s another facet to this that really needs Mystic Meg to unravel and it’s best expressed in this tweet;

Is the current situation representative of the classic cycle of British politics and Labour is looking at two parliaments of rebuilding? If it is (and I’m really not sure about that, I think many of the old certainties are in the bin), Yvette Cooper is the obvious choice. She’s the safe pair of hands to begin the rebuild- the Michael Howard of the Labour Party. She can start the painful business of trying to neutralise the dog on a string contingent of the membership too. The next Labour PM will appear in due course- it just won’t be Cooper.

Dominic grieve
Get him on a 5 year transfer

I would love Jess Phillips to get it but I fear she’s seen as too much of a firebrand by too many people right now. Maybe she’d be better off in the shadow cabinet, facing off against Priti Patel or something.

Phillips, Cooper and Nandy I like but wonder if they can come across as statesman like, this will be needed to win a majority. Starmer fits this bill.

Pleased to see Thornberry is a non runner.

What about Dan Jarvis ?

Starmer with Phillips or Nandy as deputy. Cooper as chancellor.


Alternative apocalypse…

If Labour can get some of their best players on the pitch they will have a chance. It’s been like watching Graham Taylor’s England side for the last few years.

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Total shit tip.

Anything vaguely sponsored by, and aligned with Corbyn is a disaster waiting to happen.
Only a centre ground candidate can have a realistic chance of winning any election (and right now it’s about just getting seats back).

The smug remainers like Starmer have sold their colleagues down the river to save their skins, and sold out most of the leave vote.

What’s left isn’t clear.

Right now it is just fun watching them all tear shreds in public.

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Kier Starmer is the short-term answer (IMHO). It needs someone who is going to hold Johnson to account and tear apart his lies. Most of all, all of their spokespeople need to look and act competently to build trust that they could be a Party of Government. Most of the policies are good - there were too many of them in one go for a GE. They have to pare it down to an agenda that solves peoples’ real problems.

Labour need a credible chancellor. Blair sold the double glazing on the back of customers believing Brown wouldn’t run off with the deposit.