Laser cutting

A little help or info needed here please.

Geoff Kramer, of Servicesounds, who built my amps, also builds an amp called the Minuet. His previous metal guy is no longer in business and he’s on the lookout for someone who can do laser cutting and machining. Do any of you do this sort of thing or know someone who does. He’s drawn a blank so far and I said I’d ask on the AA for him.

Thanks in advance for any help or info.

This will give you an idea of what he’s after…

You need to contact a specialist sheet metal company with CNC presses, punches etc. There’s a lot more than laser cutting required there.

Thanks pmac. Sorry if my title was a bit vague, but yes, you’re right.

I still know a couple in the North East, from my time in the engineering business. I’ll see if I can find their details. It’s very specialised, especially for that level of quality.

That’s great, much appreciated

Goldfinger ain’t bad at it, he does like to waffle on about a master plan before the actual cutting commences though.

No Mr Bob. I expect you to die.

Wrong villain but wgaf?

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They’re just over the road from my Dad’s workshop, supposed to do some good work.

Thanks - I’ll pass on the details