Lawnmower action

A few years ago we bought a second hand Honda Izy petrol mower from some friends who were trading up.

Suffice to say, it is now quite fucked - the issue is that the main cutter housing has rusted away to the point where the engine has nearly fallen through it’s mountings :smiley:

The part is available for £119, but I don’t fancy the DIY job of fitting it and I guess I’ll be charged about £100 for a service centre to do it.

So I need a new one. This one is hand-propelled but I’d rather go self-propelled this time.

Recommendations please, budget around £350.

Another Honda Izy? We’ve had ours now for 10 years and never had a problem. Local guy does an annual service and apart from the usual he’s only had to replace the pull cable.

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Not sure if you will get a self propelled honda at that price. We use a Hyundai for the grass at a lake, takes the abuse very well, and started ok after spending last winter dumped in a shed.

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I have a McCulloch, not that impressed with it, but it was 3 months old and £130 on eBay. Heavy fucking thing, works well, but nowhere near as well made as my old Hayter.

The more I look at these, I think a cordless job might be better. It’s not a large lawn and it looks like the battery tech is more than adequate.

That Gtech thing that gets advertised on telly has a claimed 40 minute run time.

Mind you, if it has as much oomph as the dull cunt that presents (and allegedly designed) it, I’d give it a miss.

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Had our Atco self propelled petrol mower for 10 years and it hasn’t missed a beat.

Used, abused, never serviced and still starts first pull every time. Mad reliable (feck, that’s done it).

Have a Hayter Harrier, seems unkillable.

Edit: just seen the price :open_mouth: was £40 off ebay.

Aldi special from a couple of years back, self propelled, decent Briggs and Stratton engine, steel deck. Was 129.99 iirc. Saw them advertised again very recently but a bit more expensive, so there might be a few still around.

Serviced it the other day (cleaned & gapped the plug, washed the air filter out with petrol, and topped up with the only oil I had: Shell Helix fully synthetic 5w40 :scream: and gave the blade a quick sharpen) running and cutting brilliantly. Highly recommended.

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When i worked for a company 40 years ago,we used mountfield,petrol flymos and Hayter.

Mountfield seem to have dropped quality wise,the hayter was the best,but have no idea on the quality these days;

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That one is £180 now.

we got a flymo jobby somewhere in the garage, but we gave up mowing 3 years ago.

I will have to ask the gardener :+1:


Having just installed artificial grass in the back garden, I only have the front lawn to do now, so today I bought a Black & Decker cordless 36v battery mower. Will arrive tomorrow, so soon as first cut done, I will report back.

It has two batteries, so should hopefully last a decent time before chucking.


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Is that the famous Strayan logic in action ?

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I’d like one of them

They were mainly used for very steep banks which we would tie rope to the handle and dangle the mower.

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