Lawnmower action

I think I might have got mine at a reduced price cos it was still in the shop a couple of weeks after the promotion had finished.

I actually think £180 isn’t bad value for them. They’re fairly solid and the only bits to have fallen off are the stupid decorative wheel trims.

Ive been pushing round one of the ubiquitous hombase qualcast petrol mowers for the last 3 years (was a gift). Can’t fault it, the briggs and stratton engine starts everytime, it’s easy to service at home and cuts very well on the mid height setting.
Cost £165iirc.

I bought a brand new self propelled petrol mower from Aldi for £179 with a three guarantee and it has been awesome up to now. Why spend more!

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Has sir considered ‘hard landscaping’?



We inherited a Honda petrol from the previous owners of the house. Took it for a service last year and they told us they had been servicing the mower from new, over 35 years.


we have a modest sized lawn and were using a standard electric mower that we got for free off a friend - it was worth exactly what we paid for it as it was held together with gaffa tape and string. My father in law gave us his battery mower when they moved into a flat with no garden. It’s more than adequate for the job and does 2-3 mows on a full charge. No cord to faff about with you just have to remember to charge it the day before you mow.


Need a new one. Petrol. Don’t think another rotary one, perhaps one with a barrel type blade to get some good clean lines.

Have at it Ya Fuds!!

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Suffolk punch was good for lines

It’s not petrol and it’s rotary so a perfect AA reco. It does have lights :+1:

It starts every time and it shouldn’t need annual servicing…

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Suffolk has always been good for County lines :+1: Very profitable.


Ha ! I didn’t even know we had a lawnmower thread.

This is what ewe need…
Environmentally friendly too. :joy:

We just bought the electric cordless one from Aldi. It’s wank.


I’ve got a Worx 40v cordless rotary, excellent and has good battery life, so ideal for you really apart from the petrol and cylinder bit :+1:

Wrong thread :woozy_face:

Its got to be petrol. What are views from fellow lawnsmen about rotary or barrel blades?

Rotary seems to cut ok , but I’m worried that it will allow low grasses such as crabgrass and Yorkshire Fog flourish.

Am I talking shit?

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Grass has become serious shit round my way.

My gardener swears by rotary except when he likes a barrel. He’s quite contrary. HtHs :+1: