Linn Klout

I have just remembered another Linn product in my possession. An Asak. Use it now for demonstrating microscopes.

I don’t think it was that. It was summat you had to stack your pre and powers on 10 of to make it good.

oh the mana stuff, there was a bloke on pfm who had bariks stacked about 6ft high on them

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There’s a few of us 'orsey folks here. Do you Western or regular?


That is the stuff. Couldn’t remember it.

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Wouldn’t have placed a valve amp directly under the tt myself. Not without a few more layers.

I didn’t have it like that for long, it was only for the photo.

I have just discovered a thread on a Naim forum where pictures of their Mana.

Bit bored sitting in an airport.

Makes me smirk.

holy shit is that really still a thing?

Airport smirking is an art :+1:


It has appeared in my phone, so probably.

All the old Mana has to go somewhere. Bloody expensive stuff for a bit of angle iron and mdf iirc.

remember a few years back the guy who owned mana was selling his Linn system all decked out with underlighting, flashing leds and fairy lights.

It was so ugly it was fascinating.

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Don’t remember stuff like that.

Don’t want to imagine it tbh.

I am all Mana’d out after Naim forum.

Trying to go back to my happy place.

haha found the fucker

kiss goodbye to your happy place


Fuck, my eyes.


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I am Klout?