Linn meets Jony Ive

The linnies are all getting on a bit now, probably too heavy to lift on to the shelf

I think rising butts would be more appropriate for this application :grinning:


I can’t be the only person that appreciates the exquisite commercial fuckery of this? If these are the only LP12s that ever have these features on them (and curving the edges of the armboard which is now integral with the subchassis on the posh ones, would be the single largest production mod Linn has ever done because it would be the first time that a mod could not be retrospectively applied to an older LP12 so there is a pretty solid chance they aren’t going to), it means that these 50 (odd) units will be unable to do what any dog eared tatbox for sale on eBay can do and be updated to any future spec that might be released in the years to come. They are both the most expensive LP12s evAr and the only ones that aren’t going to be upgradeable in the future.

They will find a way


how can you upgrade perfection

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The Perfekshun + upgrade, of course :grinning: