Listen up kid, there ain’t no such thing as Santa (Dadsnet alert)


The spirit of Christmas died right there ^^^


Indeed,also told them the tooth fairy used to be a hooker :+1:



Terri has an App on her phone . Santa rings and and speaks to Marley. Reinforces that she has to be a good girl etc. Her face genuinely lights up.


The thing about deception is to try and keep as close to the truth as possible. With this in mind I have told fruits of loin 1 and 2 that Santa lives in Ilford and he gets very cross if you meddle with his or any adults toys or sit in his / their chairs…I would never have arrived at such a boon without the help, care and support of AA Butchers .


Phones were around when you were a kid? :flushed:


He is not dead but asleep.


Yes, they were relatively new but we did have them.

Presumably your family would engage a boy to take a note or had stamps come along by then?


Marconi via Cape Race was the en vogue method of contacting Santa back then I believe.


As a kid, it was always Father Christmas in our house. Nothing to do with any German connection, just a regional thing, I think. All my mates referred to him as FC too. Never Santa.


Does he also drive a Porsche panamera?



Serving suggestion?


Saw this on facebook…

Certainly one of the better ways of telling kids about it.




I like that. Chat incoming tonight