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Ever wondered what happened to the Bromley contingent?

Wonder no more

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Enjoy !


How great is that.

Would have loved her to include ‘Live In Me’ in that set.

Fantastic and a great job by the sound engineer.

Making it look so effortless, they also genuinely look like performing is a joy - that’s something in daylight with cameras all over the place. Great energy.

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Generally this is true, musicians just want to play, they don’t worry about genres, or labelling or who they play with or any other crap.

I remember Thea Gilmore being asked what she thought of the music business
‘The music is amazing, the business is shit’ was her response.

I love NPR Tiny Desk gigs

The Tiny Desk gigs are often great aren’t they? - Not all artists emanate infectious joy, some are nervous some are introverted, some are just over it, some are battered.
I used to cringe watching X-factor when contestants were asked “Why do you want to win”? Many would say: “I want to be a star” - A genuine musician as you say just needs to play for the joy of it - Weirdly I always think of Keith Richards when this train of thought pulls into the station. I get the impression he would play in a pub backroom if the mood took him with no problem or fanfare what so ever.

The other major thing that happens is that fans pigeon hole musicians.

A musician may have found a band and a style that makes them a great living and they play up to that.
I think it is often a shock for the fans when they find that their favourite death metal guitarist is a fan of Bach and Folk Music for instance and his guitar hero is Django Reinhardt or similar.

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Or when Ritchie Blackmore started playing Medieval Folk Rock :laughing:

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Oooh yeah, absolutely love Chaka :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great performers can turn it on and make it look easy and Chaka does that and comes across so real at the same time - she looked a bit taken aback when the audience want straight in to Sweet Thing from the start, clearly loving it.

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As a marketing / publicity gimmick it was smart, as a statement on art / consumerism and ‘worth’ it’s smarter. The CD does spark debate (and controversy as the original owner was a God tier CUNT), interesting how the journo described the audience closed eyed and really listening - I know that’s something that comes naturally here but in the wider world it’s not the norm.

I’ve not heard it, not sure that’s necessary but the idea of people really appreciating music and realizing it’s value over ‘Muzak’ is something cool. Perhaps if all music was vastly expensive and only available to listen to in a gallery by invitation it’s esteem and importance would be perceived differently? Of course this is unlikely to the point of impossible but in some ways the point of this flim flam CD is to consider repositioning attitudes toward music from ‘disposable theme-tune to our lives’ to incorporate the often forgotten reality that music is an art-form. Science meanwhile is building, pointing toward Music being quite close to ‘essential’


Not sure where to put this,so will stick it here

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Another great Tiny Desk Concert

I’ve read many articles relating to this recently. There is a real ground swell from scientists / psychologists / sociologists backing this.

Many of us here already know that. @aheadofthecurve


I can honestly say if it wasn’t for music at a certain period in my life I wouldn’t be here now.