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I think that applies to many of us mate, sort of a right of passage.

What if we sang before we spoke. We would miss that deep within ourselves.

I can remember at 8 or 9 months both fruits of loin could sit up unassisted as babies. If the music was on both kids would move their body in a little bopping motion to the bass. Completely unscientific I know but it seemed to me music / response to sound is a very deep instinct indeed.

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inc Boy Harsher, Clan Of Xymox et al

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Molchat Doma are my faves from that scene. Their brutalist album covers are :ok_hand:

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After last weekend I fancied a bit more lcd


This doesn’t go anywhere,yet tells a story of its own.
Bang in the middle of thatcher,yuppies,no mobiles.
Could almost be mistaken for the 60s in parts.


A friend used to go quite religiously in those days, and would have been at that one (the year after we left school).

Now a partner with some gang of M&A ghouls :laughing:

I was there in 86 and we were lucky with the weather.
Main event for me was the Dream Syndicate but there were some other stonking bands and performances. From memory:
Half Man Half Biscuit
Psychedelic Furs
Andy White
Billy Bragg
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians
Fuzz Box
The Waterboys
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions
Robert Cray
Loudon Wainwright III
The Cure
That Petrol Emotion

I’d need to google to spark the memory into life.

There were also scamming cunts then ‘n’ all. We paid a fiver for a tab and got a 5mm square bit of corn flakes box.



You win you lose

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On the win side there was a local farmer selling 5 gallon drums of scrumpy just outside the event. It was excellent. I can’t remember how much but I do remember the weekend ticket was £30. Below pic of wristband kept with my copy of Glastonbury Fayre.

What a fucking geek!

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