Liverpool Bake-off December 10th?

I have the use of the house from about 11:00 - 5:00 pm on December 10th as The Herd are planning to go to the zoo (and I am deemed too slow to join them).

I have space for 6-8 and can run 2 systems if there is sufficient demand/kit. BYO music and grog and any kit, particularly swish DACs, that might be fun to listen to.

Excuse the short notice, the possibility of the bake-off was only confirmed this afternoon.

EDIT: There is an excellent and very reasonable Thai Restaurant on Allerton Road (about 5 minutes stroll from my place) that can accommodate us for dinner if people want to eat before driving home. Let me know if this interests you also. It is vegetarian friendly.

Wayne (crimsondonkey)

Yes please Olan

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Bugger off to a wedding.

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I’ve edited the post to include a list of those attending.

Unlucky! I absolutely hate weddings as a rule.

A chance to get clattered at someone else’s expense. What’s not to like?

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I’ll be working unfortunately Olan, otherwise I’d have loved to pop along. Damn.

Bugger. I would love to but my shifts are shit leading up to Kissmearse :frowning2:

Bugger, beaten to it!

Is it in Hereford ?

Church, speeches, chicken or beef hotel food, fuckin’ wedding disco, somebody’s pissed uncle/aunt waffling on. Mrs H being hungover and grumpy for days afterwards, etc etc & yadada yadada…

I’d rather pay for my own booze to be honest…

Can’t you have it somewhere near to civilisation?

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Where’s that to be found nowadays? :slight_smile:

Fuck off. :grimacing:

Dublin (this may be a fabrication on my part)

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Shit, never get off at jct 11. Some scary shit off jct 11.

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J10 for me thx! :stuck_out_tongue:

South Luton :+1:


East Harpenden thank you very much.


Isn’t it closer to Welwyn?