Do you mean a gastroenterologist?


I used to go out with an English teacher. She left me on account of my improper use of the colon.


Probably. But colonologist seems more appropriate in context.


Damn right, I do. :wink:


Never knew that, well, truth is couldn’t be arsed, but have now been arsed and filled it in.


At your cervix



Thanks for the responses, folks. I’ve got my answer.

I think.

Have I got my answer? Has anyone actually answered my question?

Does anyone actually remember the original question?

DId I even ask a question?

What is a question?

Who am I?

What is my location?

I don’t own a hat - does that mean I’m homeless?



Haven’t you buggered off yet.:rage:


I came for the advice.

I’m staying for the abuse.



Don’t come on here with your ridiculously high expectations! :roll_eyes:


AA: Stockholm Syndrome with added pork.


New favourite AA tagline :grinning:


I suggest you rewire your stylus with penguin pubes.