Logo? Or no no (phono stage)

  • Logo it
  • Leave it

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Could do with some advice

I have 2 black boxes for my Paradise phono stage and psu… as per the shiny second hand thread.
Both full width (not shoe box as per the logo sizes pictured).

I can either leave them blank. Minimal…
Or CNC a logo?

I like the logo below, But that’s a Perspex stick on.
If it was CNCd into the front it would be cut to the silver metal below, or would need paint to whiten?

Leave alone or cut them? (This does depend on help… so I’m scoping rather than expecting, which would be teribil). :smirk:

I don’t have a definite preference yet, so advice may make a difference!

Leave it.
“Monaural pre-regulator” is just shite


I would just use Paradise as the logo on both

I could just stop at paradise.
I suspect plain black is the safe option

Big silver cock.


Is that he “Happy finish“ option ?

I’d just have Moving Coil Preamplifier

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Go neon or go home


I’m a fan of plain black boxes, but some sort of designed logo would be my choice. Not a word, but a symbol.

Needs a bright blue LED


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Will be soft green for the psu front, on indicator.

I’d machine just the paradise logo then fill the recess with a coloured resin.

Don’t forget back lighting with LEDs for added value. :wink:

Paradise made in a garage

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I’d have what you want.

Logo it, but misspel it

I’m not sure at all to be honest.
Don’t want to do anything I’ll regret.
I suspect I’ll live with it a little and see if it looks a little dull.