Long shot - nice pub lunch in central Northampton

Any suggestions please …


to elucidate a little ‘nice’ and ‘northampton’ are rarely found in the same sentance.
‘northampton’ and ‘crack whore’ or ‘left in the gutter to bleed out after being glassed’ are probably more apt.


Loads of great food pubs in the surrounding villages but the town centre is a total shithole - and with the council basically declared bankrupt recently it ain’t gonna get better any time soon.

Mcdonalds :+1:

You’d have to go outside the centre a bit.

Not too far though, St Albans would be fine :+1:

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I’m going to be on train / foot, so it’s looking like pie and a fight in 'spoons then.

The Ivy?

Probably too far away but this is about 20 mins away from Northampton station by taxi - https://www.redlioneasthaddon.co.uk/

St Albans is not much better.

Maybe try the Department of Meat and Social Affairs. Not really pub lunch, but it sounds nice.

AA strapline


Any steer on what you want, good drinking pub or all about the food ?

Asked a townie mate and he recommends The Lamplighter but Wig & Pen ok and more central. If you want a restaurant The Church is decent

It would be more a decent lunch and a pint (singular) rather than getting wrecked.

From a quick google The Church looks about the most appropriate so far, cheers :+1:

TBH I rarely go in to town centre, it has really lost its way over the years. I go to a business lunch at The Church every quarter and always ok on those days.

If you find yourself with half an hour to kill turn left out of the station and left again. 'Bout half a mile up the road are some truly disgusting crack whores. Decent rates though. :+1:

Only if you include the word anti :slight_smile:

Done :+1: