Looking for new Binoculars for birdwatching duties

Recent walks have confirmed that my bins are a piece of shit. An unknown 12 x 232 and a Bnise 10 x 25 pair. £5.00 each from a charity shop.

So I’m after a new pair. (it’s my birthday soon) Specifically for birdwatching.

I think I have settled on a 8 x 42 spec though 10 x 42 is considered.

Any advice on suppliers - I’ve been advised that Viking and the RSPB models are good.

Any thoughts?


Newby failure - £200 - 350. £400 if she is out.


Unless you do a lot of woodland birding or at dawn/dusk, I would go for 10x

8x are better in low light but the extra magnification is worth it under normal conditions.

I haven’t tried these, but I have handled some of the ones higher up the range and they are top notch. See if you can find a local supplier and try them


Bugger, just contacted them and everything is shipped from Holland and they have no idea how the Brexit penalties hit us. Really good price too.

I’ll look for another supplier, uk based.

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Edit: sorry, only 8x42.

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Thanks Rob, the London Camera exchange have the in stock but both are £30.00 more expensive than Paul’s suggestion. I’ll try to get a demo arranged.



I don’t have much experience to compare against, but I have the monocular version of these.

I decided to go for the Zeiss Tera 10 x 42 as recommended by @pmac through Selfridges, thanks @Rob998. Used them because the allow return within 28 days so I get to give them a try.

The Zeiss got really good reviews and as these will be the only bins I will buy I decided to go for a really good pair.




Anyone got any experience of these?

Louise has decided I need some of my own…she is sick of me stealing hers

Yes, I’ve tried them several times. A couple of my mates have them.

I have used the previous version of Trinovids for 24 years and I expect them to last a lot longer yet.

Great optics, practically indestructible in normal use and highly recommended.

They are slightly heavier than some of the competition but with a decent strap (all supplied straps are rubbish) that is no barrier to buying them IMO. Get an Op/Tech strap for them <£20 on Amazon.


Arrived! First test run involved a resident pigeon who posed like a pro.

They do seem fucking good. Instant wow.

Delivery from Selfridges was perfect. 36 hours from order by Parcelforce, tracking included.


Technical assessment :face_with_monocle:

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Op/Tech strap for them <£20 on Amazon.

My birthday present from Son is on the way.

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They’re great, makes the bins feel half their weight. Mine’s cosmetically a bit tatty now but it’s done well for 20 years. Plenty of life left in it.

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oh look what has arrived!

feel good in the hand - great through the window. Given the brand the pouch could be better


They used to come with a leather pouch (mine did - I still have it) haven’t used it, even once, in 20+ years of ownership.

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I have an Optech strap on my SLR and it is very good. I use a Rick Young Ultra Light strap in my binoculars. This seems to be no more than a length of shick cord with bits to attach to the binoculars and to tighten it. The design is counter-intuitive - one would think thin shock cord type stuff would not work but this strap is fantastic. So good my wife insisted she get one (and she is not taken in by hype).

Try Here

After a few years using Nikon Monarchs and wanting another pair of bins when out with the family I decided life is too short so splashed out on these Zeiss Victory SF

Considered the Swarovski EL and NL Pure but in the end felt they were too heavy given I also lug camera gear around.

Tried them today and they are pretty stunning - spotted all sorts or small birds including the Wren which I wouldn’t normally have picked up. Very happy.