Loricraft new belt help

I haven’t got a clue when it comes to belt driven buggery. Never had one.

But the inside of the Loricraft looks like this, and the belt is pretty dry and cracked.

What sort of replacement do I need? It looks to be about 11cm diameter in current state. Google gives a wild variety of prices and options (with some clear £ uplift for mugs who don’t know better - me).

And do I need to add grease? I can see plenty in the cavity.

I would go for a quartz locked direct drive conversion if I were you👍

That useless info is noted.
I’m against the quartz idea but I have ordered go faster stripes.

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If you insist on belt drive then at least have counter rotating platters.

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Then I’d need two belts and I am not even sure what I need for one…

I’ll email Loricraft but I know the reply’s are more than unreliable.
If anyone can tell me how to definitively measure what I need I would appreciate it.
I presume the current one has stretched so I don’t want to just buy the same diameter??

Surely loricraft must sell the belts. I can’t remember if they do the Bristol show

If they are there I’ll ask

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Can’t find any spare parts on the web beyond the external stuff.
I’ll email them. My last few emails have never had a reply. I think they sold out to someone (SME?) and it’s possibly disrupted the whole service. The website has changed.

Thanks… it’s a PRC4

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Maybe try asking on a HiFi forum.


I’ll see about a reply. Just noticed the email has changed with the new website.
My old one was direct to Terry and I think he’s taken a bit of a back seat now!?


I suspect that’s the nylon thread :thread:
Stupid price for it!
Thanks, though.

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I bought a replacement belt from these guys at less than a third of the price wanted by Kuzma.

They were recommended years ago on the Wam and the belt has been excellent.
Don’t know if they do one for the Loricraft as standard but they make to your own measurements



Just use your Velvet Vortex it will do a better job and no belts to replace or break.


This subliminal advertising is very clever Tim… :slightly_smiling_face:. I bet your Facebook campaign is really high tech.


I use both methods. Sometimes in tandem to dry and clean at same time.

Give em a call tomorrow I’m sure they must keep spares in stock

Speak to Chris, 01488 72267

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One more number, perhaps ?


Wow, unusual