Lounge LCR phonostage and transimpedance head amp

Longe Audio MK III LCR phono stage with Copla transimpedance head amp.
Having passed on a few record players recently I have too many phono stages doing nothing so letting this go.
The Lounge LCR phono is a MM Unit. Great sounding phono stage, has a small scratch on front plate but otherwise perfect. £275.00

Also for sale Lounge Audio Copla head amp, Mc head amp for cartridges who like a load from 40 to 300 ohms, gain from 9db to 27db. Interesting design with floating circuit powered by photodiodes, which convert light to DC to supply the amp circuit. Very quiet and great sound £275.00

Will sell both units together for £500.00 will also ship within U.K. At cost, would prefer pick up from London E6 though.

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