Loverly Pair of Quad 989 for sale

Little background. I originally bought these for my son a couple of years ago for his music room his wife then promptly became pregnant so they have been tucked away in my spare room and used very occasionally.
Just before I purchased them they had been fully serviced at Quad which included replacing various panels that were presumably below spec.
I still have the paperwork to support this somewhere.
Covers are pristine odd mark or two on the corner of the base paint finish.
Let them go for a £1000 to get the room back.

No boxes so would have to be collected from me.


Where are you located?

Stonking bargain GLWS…

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Yeah they look great, seems a fantastic price to me. Everyone should have had Quads at some point in their lives, they do some things amazingly well.

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Don’t suppose any body is going from Kent to anywhere north of Kent.
Far too lazy to travel all that way.
Always fancied trying Quads.

Really lovely speakers.