I sent him a message a couple of weeks back asking if he was ok. Haven’t heard anything back as yet. :frowning_face:

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Not seen anything from Frank F1 for a while?

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He drive-by posts the occasional anti-brexshit meme on faecesbook from time-to-time :+1:


Phil @hifinutt I hope you’re just having a nice holiday or something mate :+1:

He’s been posting stuff on PFM so all appears good.

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Excellent :+1:

Cheesed off with the piffle here: very understandable
Otherwise incapacitated: bad, m’kay?

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Perhaps he still has some residual interest in hifi or some other equally contemptible source of joy?

Where the fuck is @unclepuncle haven’t seen any of his inane ramblings for yonks?


Yeah, missed Paul recently.

I’d thought that but didn’t want to sound like a broken record.

He takes a sabbatical sometimes tho’