Going to Malta tomorrow for a week.

Any advice ? Was is JohnnieBaby went recently ?

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Not really, I had a day there around 15 years ago on a cruise, Valletta?? maybe. It was OK but a bit run down looking.

I had bloody forgotten all about it.

St Julians apparently opposite Valetta.


I thought JB had gone to Madeira on his most recent Saga fuelled jaunt.

Ah…that was it. Madeira…Malta…potato, potatoe.

rocks no beach, crap wine, nice food…quiet

Depends what you like, but as well as centuries of fascinating and complex history the prehistory is also really remarkable. If you’re into that kind of thing then it’s worth getting across to Gozo.



Sounds idyllic. Hate beaches, supposed to be a nice hotel tho.

Will explore Gozo, thanks Graeme.

dont get me wrong I liked it for a short break. Can be a bit wet and windy moving into December

Valleta air raid shelter tour is good.
Medina is lovely at night

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I went earlier in the year. Stayed in Sliema, accross the harbour from Valetta.

Mdina is quite lovely. Various museums and stuff in Valetta are highly recommended.

Rented an apartment called Pebbles summatorother. Quite good.

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FFS Guy, do try and keep up mate, we’ve been to Cuba and Croatia since Madeira :grinning:

Hopefully it will still be a little warm at night… else it may be Funky Cold Medina.

I thahhhhhhhhhkyewhoo.


Nice place,but don’t feed the Penguins

Bollox. What am I going to do with the 3lb bag of fish heads I got in specially. :frowning:

More holidays than Thomas fecking Cook

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fish head curry… yum

Was that the unsuccessful follow up to Goat’s Head Soup?


fish head curry is delicious and very popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Now goats head, I was served in the form of a smokie when I worked in Ghana. Smokies are illegal in the uk.

here is a nice recipe for fish head curry

Very :yum: