Also the Giraffes can get a bit violent this time of year,so keep your distance.

I wouldn’t like to have to swim from one to the other!

The last (heaven help me) time I went to Malta, aboard the coffin-dodger special, some old geezer up and popped his clogs half way over.

Cue much hilarity as the cabin staff attempted to conceal the corpse with blankets.

Uh, he’s dead dude, he can just sit by me.

Diving’s good. Sub Aqua type I mean.

Muffin can be good too.

Muffin the Mule was a good children’s program in the 50’s.

How times change

Wrong thread…should be in the dispose of corpse one. :slight_smile:

True enough. “Put a rug over it. No one will notice.”

twice on flights I have been called to the front to declare someone dead, and I forget how many times to treat someone…

but I have explain

wrong type of doctor

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I had this experience once and was also asked to help someone who was ill about 4 hours from Melbourne en route from LAX. Quantas staff were not amused when I told them I couldn’t help as I wasn’t a medico. It hasn’t happened since I got promoted/stopped using Dr.