Marantz NR1200

The little Marantz MCR603 mini system in our bedroom is playing up - keeps over heating, and going into red light mode. We like it alot and are tempted by the modern equivalent MCR412 at £399. The next model up has some Alexa and remote play features we quite like… MCR612 but that is £512 (more than we wanted to spend).

Whilst we like the mini systems we dont need the CD player bit.

I have spotted this

The HDMI inputs would be handy for us to run the cable box and DVD player through… anyone seen one of these Marantz NR1200.

or anyone recommend any alternatives (must have DAB radio, internet radio, USB, streaming etc… and must have a sleep timer)

I reviewed it earlier this year. Not the gruntiest amp in the world and I don’t like HEOS very much but it does a lot right for the money.