Marching this Saturday?

I’m going. Think this is the important one, and if it’s smaller than the last - a hard act to follow - will no doubt be seized on as confirmation of “just get it done” swill of the peepul.
Which we absolutely do not want.
So if you can make it come, bring a friend, bring a march newbie, get it out on your antisocial media, get your family clued up.
Seriously, if you support a more informed ref but have never been on a huge march it is one of the empowering and uplifting experiences of our age, and you IMHO would die the poorer for not having experienced it!

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I’ll be marching.

Up and down the road with the dogs (after the Rugby finishes)

I think I’m going to drag the eldest along after his club. We’ll be late, but last time it took hours to finish the march!