Mark Lanegan reco's


I’ve liked most of the stuff that I’ve happened across by Monsieur Lanegan but haven’t really delved into his catalogue.

If I were to buy a couple of his Albums, what would you suggest they be ?

Thanks for your reco’s.

Solo albums
Field Songs
Blues Funeral

Plenty of great collaboration albums but you only asked for two :grinning:

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Thanks Kev

Long time fan of Mark Lanegan, all I can do is point you towards -

Screaming Trees ‘Sweet Oblivion’
Mark Lanegan ‘ The winding sheet’ & ‘Bubblegum’

And then let you go wherever from there,

What these :point_up: wise fellows said, and don’t miss this collaboration and in particular this album (IMO)

And don’t go down the QOTSA rabbit hole :laughing:

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Thank you chaps and, although I don’t know a great deal about QOTSA, I have heard a few tracks I like.

See, this is where being fairly OCD about physically owning the music you like becomes difficult / problematic.

Oh to simply be a binary jockey.

Or just stream some stuff and buy on vinyl what you like.