Meat Heads

Brain teasers in here,

If P = 1

K = 3

R or C = 5

Q = 9

What does B equal and why.

B = Numberwang!!!

B = A stinging winged insect which collects nectar and pollen, produces wax and honey, and lives in large communities.
Because nature made them that way and reasons

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B = 7 because it’s the only odd digit missing from the list (as the actress said to the bishop :slight_smile:).


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I think that this is code that excludes vowels. The words that can be constructed are QUICK and PRICK, so BOB must be premature ejaculation.

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B = 0

Therefore, by ignoring Q, the answer is P0RK

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This was a mistake :grinning:

Chess, it’s a chess thing.

3 although VB appears to have got it

Johnny,he still has 8 marbles

I. Don’t. Care.

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It’s the Reinfeld Values used in chess, bishop equals 3.

Spotted, prize to mr VB.

Thanks Bob. I need a plinth for a Garrard 301. Any colour (within reason) :+1:.


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