Meat lorry Central London to the Midlands?

Looking at some speaker stands, but they need collecting as they are heavy and filled. Central London to Derby would be perfect, but I’ll travel to meet M1/M6 if it helps?

Where abouts in London? I’m going to be down in Ruislip on the 31st for work and could do a leg to Leamington.

The add just says central, I’ll ping another message for more detail

I could do leamington to Derby

Operation “move half a ton of metal” has achieved stage 1, pickup. Will be up to Leamington late tomorrow.

Excellent news, if Crimsondonkey is passing soon for stage 2 it would be appreciated?

How do we show gratitude? Donation to charity or help fund this place?

Either, if you want to do the charity thing then either Mind for @crimsondonkey or your local winter night shelter (likely to be some crossover in the people they are helping).


Let me know your address and convenient times for pick up via pm.


I’ll be in touch re the best time to drop off.

A successful delivery, thank you both for making the effort.

Hope I can return the favour sometime :+1: