Meat man predictions 2023


Sausage rolls will be big in 2023. As a non seasonal pleasure in combination with fat content and the potential for territorial rage these little piggy’s might blow the house down

Horns. A predictable prediction. it’s simple to suspect renewed vigour following Jim’s bake-off. The first person to cover themselves / their system / wife’s favourite chair in Bitumen will probably have to contend with a permanent erection.

Heatwave - we will all get to bemoan being hot then spend the latter part of the year wishing we were somewhere hot

Pete will single handedly crash the national grid with his next amp


He’s promised that we’ll be building his new speakers in summer*

*There are several minor inaccuracies in this statement

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Eerily prescient I suspect.

I have already mulled-over biting the horn bullet, but also know -

a) I am far too lazy and incompetent to DIY
2) I cannot begin to afford anything remotely satisfying
MCXXVII) Sam will disapprove
:100:) We should have expensive building work starting this year

I predict we might all start having bakeoffs again: all to be held at Jim’s :ok_hand:


Look forward to this project

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Moar pork

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I will not buy any HiFi this year.
I said that last year and bought a TT and new speakers and then new subs. :man_shrugging:


What TT do you have now?
Did it replace the Kuzma or as well as?

You can do it very cheaply, from a couple of grand easily. And incompetent DIY is a great way to loads of likes on here…

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Still have the Kuzma
Bought a Thorens TD124/II, FR64S plus an Arche headshell.
Need to decorate and add a wall shelf before it goes into the system


You have single-handedly done more to put me off DIY-ing speakers than the combined sum of everything else I’ve ever read :+1:


I’m going to complete my system this year.

I did also say this last year…and the year before…


Are we allowed a hopes / plans / ambitions thread?

I have a couple.

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Do they include mahoosive horns!

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Going to start a sausage roll audiophile Bodega with Massive horns avec Coco amplification?


No, totally experiential.

I am totes millennial.

exponential might be better