Meat ordering online

Where do you get yours?

I have been ordering from pipers farm since just before the lock down. Really good quality meat highly recommended, sadly no new customers atm so you have to join a waiting list

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I’ve tried lots of sites, but yet to find one that will deliver to here :frowning_face:


I use the same butcher as usual (Calnan Brothers). During this Covid shit he has been doing free deliveries but with phone orders and payments. They just launched their On-Line ordering site. Excellent ! They give good advice too :+1:

we’ve had a some nice meat from Field and Flower.

Nice chunk of stewing beef was delicious, sausages were good. Lead times are quite long

I’ve given up with the online route.

Not all is lost though, I’ve just ordered half a pig from my neighbour. I’ve had a half from them on 2 occasions in the past and the quality is easily the best pork I’ve ever had. They’re planning to slaughter in about a month or so.

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Do they disassemble it for you or does it turn up as a whole side and you then have to set about it with a cleaver ?


It’s all professionally butchered for me. All the usual joints, shoulder, legs etc and then pork chops, belly pork, sausages, sausage meat, offal. The guy they get to do it makes a great job of it. All I have to do is to make sure I’ve enough room in the freezers for it all.

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Someone mentioned this place last week - not exactly cheap but some good savings on some items at the moment.

We have a butchers, bakers and grocery shop in town, all family owned for generations. They have got together and volunteers do a free delivery service around the town from all three shops. You can order by email and pay on line. Hardly ever leave town.

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Similarly, most of the traders in Watlington (including the Co-Op) offer free deliveries within a 5 mile radius. Some restricted to those isolating but others to anyone.

Sadly the butchers here are crap, just buying meat from whomever and chopping it up to sell. The best butchers around is a 20 min drive so can’t justify it when supermarkets at a 5 min walk away.

Back to the online stuff, some good looking sites thanks for that. Still not sure any of them look good enough to pull me away from pipersfarm yet

Pah, childs play. A trip to my butchers then back home takes four ferry trips and a 110 mile drive. :wink:


They look pretty good Dom :+1: where are they?

I work in Clerkenwell now and at the top of St John’s St is Turner & George
I’ve not ordered online but I’m getting close to it, I miss their beef! They have some fantastic stuff…

Is your friendly village butcher still working Ritchie?

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You fucking trolling, cunt? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::grin:




Not got time for a rant at the mo, be back later. :+1:

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Ooh, goody!


Devon near Exeter


Or a late night trip out to the front garden if lunch breaks in again.

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