Meat packaging

So “that” green linen suit

is from Percival

in Hackernee, with “additional tailoring” i.e. shortening the trousers and probably taking the waist in, bastard, is Francesco in Berwick street.

Props to the stylists with a brief of “LONDON”.

The back of the line rack is more lopwell mind

Yeah, mebbe, but look at the state of that.

This lad running for Labour in Clacton is a real clothes horse. Looks tremendous.


The perfect foil to Fuhrage.

He can only be more perfect if he’s gay or used to be a woman before the operation :ok_hand:


Naturally stylish people annoy the crap out of me :laughing:

Niece #2 buys what appears to be random rags from Vinted, throws them together and looks like a million dollars :angry:


Friend of mine in the fashion biz always says you can’t buy style but you can be made to pay through the nose in an attempt to appear as if you have :rofl:

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