Merc estates

Looks like the RAV 4 will expire this year so a new wagon will be required. Big flat load space is important, everything else is up for grabs. I have got used to the increased visibility an SUV gives but thought I would go for a bit of comfort this time round. I did consider a landrover, but will leave that for four yeas yet (retirement car).

Been having a look at Merc estates, the big E Class from 2007 to 2009 seems to tick all the boxes and Elegance level trim versions can be had for not a lot,eg

Anything massively wrong with these motors?

Pm Phil ( Papa ). He used to run a e320 d I believe.

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That’s a lot of car for the money.

I’d be wrapping that wood trim the minute i got it home.

Do not go intergalic mileage ones, bits like clutches and gearboxes are bloody expensive. Great cars, would be cheaper to get the 4 pot oil burner, slower but much cheaper to run. 2.2 is bullet proof, did 186k miles in my last one and nowt went wrong.

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Cheers Bob, I should be able to find one at under 80k miles, there are a fair few around. Just a matter of waiting for a private sale to come up as opposed to the “e bay trade” seller types. I’ll watch the prices over summer and look to get one in the Autumn.

As for slower, I currently run a RAV 4 with only 4 gears left :slight_smile:

Is it worth looking at a petrol E-class? Less to go wrong with the engine, and unless mileage is high, might not be too expensive to run in comparison?

Unfortunately they are as rare as rocking horse poo and tend to be prevalent among newer (more expensive) and sporty type saloons (AMG etc).

Fairy muff. Personally, I think that shape E ( the one you are looking at ) is far nicer to look at, inside and out, than the model which replaced it.

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And it still has the targeting device on the front of the bonnet, no excuse for missing creatures on the road :slight_smile:

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Land Cruiser

I’m currently driving a 2003 E200 Kompressor estate and generally it’s pretty good. The engine only has 1.8 litres, but has a supercharger on it so that it can actually make it up hills. Quiet, smooth, handles nicely, great stereo and it’s generally a nice place to be.

But downsides? Frankly, it’s electrically fragile. It likes to tell me a bulb has gone when it hasn’t, the parking sensors work when they feel like it, the rear washers conked out recently and it likes to flag up the holy trinity of “ABS Failure!!”, “EPS Failure!!” and “Service Brake System!!” Every few weeks (Mercedes’ bloody exclamation marks, not mine).

It’s either a £30 ABS sensor or it could be that the ‘fly by wire’ brake pump which flags up that it needs replacing after a fixed number of pedal presses. Cost? £1700 apparently.

Frankly, I was used to electrical oddities on the Range Rover - hell. I even expected them. But this feels more fragile than my old L322 ever did.

All in all, I like I but I’m wary of it - it feels like there’s a massive bill lurking just round the corner!

Update - one other thing I feel I should add. It is, IMHO, a bloody good looking car and it’s surprising the number of people I encounter who look at it and say “Oooh - lovely; I’ve always liked them”!

2003 is right in the middle of the infamous Chrysler “dip.”

I would avoid Mercs from about 2000 to about 2007, because quality went down the pan and didn’t recover until the merger was undone.

Could you be tempted by an early BMW F11?

Change the run flats to something that actually bounces and it’d be an equally capable cruiser / lugger … with arguably better reliability, and definitely a nicer cabin

(There’s a but associated with the car somewhere or other, but I can’t quite put my finger on it )

I had a facelifted 2006 C220, from just after the Chrysler thing I believe. Mechanically and electrically it was fine. Ran it for 6 years or so. Cost me a rear spring and a few tyres on top of the annual service. Was pleasantly surprised at the running costs. and very low depreciation when I changed it. In a E-class the 220 may be a bit underpowered, but equally may be not, but the 250 is basically the same engine with a bigger turbo. Enjoyed the car, although it was nice to get back into Volvo seats when I changed.