Micro seiki 711

Reluctant sale, but needs to go.

The good bits, it works.

The not so good, it has a frosted dust cover that wouldn’t look out of place in a wimpey homes toilet.
I don’t have the 5 pin lead, I cobbled together an awful version just to check it worked.

The on off button feels like it should work, but doesn’t. You have to turn it on and off at the mains.

The arm is nice.

Ma202l which seem to fetch around £2-250 on there own.
No headshell will be supplied.
No postage will be offered.
Just no


Can sort proper pics if needed.
If you are handy with a soldering iron to make a 5 pin din lead and change the the on off switch, then it could be the biggest bargain offered before 2pm

@Rob998 has first refusal, though I expect horses have put an end to this.


If you’d like, bring the lid to the office and we can polish it up

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Go for it John, horsey has gobbled up all my spare cash until the probate on my mums place is sorted.


Thanks Rob.

Sorry,should have marked this sold.

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