Microsoft office - Which and how should I buy?

I have just bought a laptop with windows 10. Can anyone please advise where to buy the best cheap option for microsoft office? Really I only need excel and word and perhaps powerpoint once in a blue moon I am confused as eBay are selling microsoft office 2016 product key and download - for £19. whilst a one off purchase from microsoft costs £120

I am a home user but many very very occasionally do a H&S job for a client


How about

It claims to be compatable with Office and is free!

if you only need basic spread sheet functionality then Libre Office will do it.

Go for an older version 2010 and 2013 will be fine.

Libre office is fine for the vast majority of users. I think that you can configure it so save in MS formats, so your customers won’t know any difference. The only issue is if you do macro programming, where compatibility is less certain.

The ebay sellers often offer rather uncertain licences; they will work but may not be fully legit, they may be corporate licences or ones that are not strictly transferable. I’m not sure how much I care, but YMMV.

Using an old version isn’t a bad idea, I think M$ are trying to move everyone to a subscription model, which can get to fuck.

I’d go with an older version of Office off ebay, 2010/2013. Most of the £100 ish purchases are for a years use only - so many staff at work have been caught out by this.

I actually use Google Docs/Sheets at home - not ideal for when the internet is dead, of course, but I’ve not been caught out so far.

The freebies like Libre Office/Open Office will all have enough functionality for most use cases.

Yes. Whatever you do make sure you understand whether your payment buys you indefinite use of the product or just a year’s subscription.


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Cheers all - I have noticed there are lots of quite expensive annual subscription options.
Up to now I have used a mac and for microsoft office I have used the free online system -it’s OK but saving files and creating DIY blank forms with borders are a real pain to do
First up i will try Libra Office.

The laptop I bought was an argos lenovo refurbished jobby - Currently it is updating itself with the latest windows 10

If I do end up buying MS it will be an old version

Many thanks

I use Apache Open Office. It’s free and it works.

There was a big split between Open Office and Libre Office, loads of freedom-loving liberals wringing their hands at each other and everything

Another OpenOffice user here as well. I’ve been using it for years and it does most things that MS Office does for nothing ! There are drawing and presentation modules, snd even a (basic) database module included, if you’re that way inclined !

I use Open Office at home as I am not a bean counter and don’t use all the XL features.

I’ve used Open Office, it’s fine, haven’t tried Libre though.

I’d advise definitely avoiding Open Office if Rob uses it.

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