Might these horns and/or drivers be valuable?

Over on another forum (not a hi-fi one) someone’s asked whether these horns might be valuable. I said I’d ask ‘the experts’ over here if any of them wanted to venture an opinion - @coco or @Wayward or @Ruprecht perhaps ? I’m GrimJosef over there (it’s a long and not very interesting story).


Google doesn’t turn up much, did you find this?


Any GEC consumer electronics that show up on Google appear to be radiograms and table radios. I’m guessing this is for PA use :thinking:

We (as in my family) had a 21" GEC telly in the early 80s. Piano keys down the side to change channel BBC1, BBC2, ITV1 and ITV2, the days before channel 4.
The thing was still working in 2001, had it in my student house.

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70s chic personified. G.E.C./Weltron 2007