Mince Pies... The Many Unhappy Returns of the Clag Police

Any good?

You could get some in the freezer for when I come to stay :joy::joy:

You’ll be in the freezer at this rate.

Why on earth would you freeze mince pies?

… Err, cos Simmons won’t still be selling them by then…:roll_eyes:

So you want mince pies out of season? Are you some kind of Neanderthal? (Rhetorical question, no need to answer)

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No worries, we’ll just have to scoff their sausage rolls instead.

… Anyways, you’ll be responsible for feeding me, so I’ll leave it up to you :grin:

Not even crumbs left.

Good luck with that!

we found them overly sweet and craggy. Won’t be buying again

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Do you mean as in a rock face, or is that a clag-fail?

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I am sure i changed that spunk chucker induced mistake back to “clag”

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The Russian in charge of your phone’s software is obviously a fan of Simmons Mince pies.



2020’s collective thinking is as fucked as ever - Magnificent.

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The hive mind has…err…hives??

First batch - home made using a Delia recipe for the mincemeat
(I haven’t seen any in the shops here, don’t even know if they are available)


Then you have the chance to make lots of new friends ! Top work (the dusting brigade will be along in a minute, but it is of course optional …).



Good effort there Nick. That looks like a proper pie.

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I fear poor lighting for the shot has raised my minced brow.

Say it ain’t so.

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you are missing an accompaniment. I have the perfect item that arrived this morning


giphy (4)


is that sprout ketchup man…

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