Missing record

I can’t for the life of me remember a record I have/had which I listened to a lot to fall asleep to.

From what I can recall it was recorded on a 4/8 track in a teepee mostly saxophone and one takes. In some American desert . I thing it was a four word group with black in it

Ambient style
I’m hoping it’s lost in the collection somewhere but can’t find it or remember seeing it for a good few years

It was late 90’s early 2000s

Let me know if you recall anything like that

My first thought:

Wikipedia info:

Contact from the Underworld of Redboy is an album by Robbie Robertson.[2] It was released in 1998 by Capitol Records.[3] The album is composed of music inspired by Aboriginal Canadian music (including traditional Aboriginal Canadian songs and chants), as well as modern rock, trip hop, and electronica, with the various styles often integrated together in the same song. It features many guest artists.

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O Yuki Conjugate?

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Could be some very nice suggestions bubble up from this thread!

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If this isn’t Dr. Didge related i’m out

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None so far

Good to see Dominic Cummings has found some alternative employment :+1:

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Got there in the end brightblack morning light


Could’ve waited for some further suggestions before finding it!

True but when it turns DC , I’m out

But gladly found, it’s a great record to slow the beat


And now found

What album is it?

Edit:. Self-titled I presume.

Sorry no _ motion to rejoin

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