Miyajima Madake

Have been if I’d consider a p/x by someone for my amps but I have no interest in the cart being offered.

It is a brand new and sealed Miyajima Madake

Anyone hazard a guess on what I could sell it for, first instincts are if he could sell it he wouldn’t be offering it to me so is probably a niche thing?

It is a lovely cartridge, I’m sure if it’s genuine it should fetch a decent figure as they’re £4,700 new.

However, it’s a small market, so could take an age to sell.

Should have said, I’ll give you £1k for it :dizzy_face:


Second hand carts are all about the new price and fashion. If minty and nearly new, then 30-50% of new price.

If you are just selling on, then you’ll want to mitigate your risk, so no more than 25%.

Trading one fairly unknown thing for another fairly unknown thing because you can’t sell the first unknown thing is doomed to failure.

You should get a job as an advisor to David Davis with good advice like this…

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This is why I generally stick to known brands (unless completely mad).

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I took a little known pre amp in part ex for some Quad ESLs, and it turned out to be a gem. But if it’s not something that you have any interest in for yourself, I just wouldn’t bother.

But, but, he’s already got a cash offer :wink:

If he accepts it, he’s sold it before he buys it. Win, win!

Dear oh dear. Do I hear an auction coming on?

Why, are you bidding?

I keep my cards close if I bid.

Lovely cart! Mister expensive at the Emporium was selling them at around £2300 some time ago. I think he charges more now.

Ah, so you’re back door man…


I would suspect the person suggesting the cart trade has taken this cart as a trade for something else. Has he got the receipt?

Don’t judge people your your own standards :rofl:

I don’t have any :wink: