MM phono stage

My FR step up sounds pretty nice so outside of a Coco special, what kind of MM only phono stages are worth considering? (Currently rocking a P10).

Art Audio MM?

I liked the Leben one I tested a few year ago which was MM only.

P20 :grinning:


Didn’t see this sneak out! Is it dedicated MM?

I should lend you my Allnic. It’s not MM only but it sounded insane with your FR2


Which model have you got Mark? I was looking at a H5500 recently and wondering if it might be worth a go, especially given your feedback on the FR.

H1500 mkII

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I have the same (mine is a HS1500 MKII SE) which I use with an ANJ S6c. It is the mutt’s.


Be Special, Be Coco.


SJS Model 3. Looks fantastic as well as sounding fantastic.

Arkless 640p GTI Turbo+ Vanden Plas GLS overdrive


Agree but such things take time. Would like an interim improvement/ daliance.

Troll off :rofl:

Will always be the ultimate answer.

Anyone know their way around Allnic models and specs?

Whats the diff 1201 to 1500 to 3000?

And how these relate to the new line up of 5500, 6500 etc?

Given that I’m really only after the best MM stage, I’m not interested in improvements to the MC stage, as I won’t be using them.

Give Richard at Lotus HiFi a shout, he’s been an allnic dealer for years so will know them all. Not a complete cunt as dealers go either.


Years ago I heard the Alnic range at Dom’s
The 1201 was a competent phono stage
The 1500 was LCR and a significant upgrade on the 1201
The 3000 is also LCR but with posher components.

The 1500 was the sweet spot for performance/ price.

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Or SJS? I have one of Simons older phono stages that comfortably saw off any/everything I tried with MM/MI cartridges and Decca’s (and with appropriate SUT’s MC’s as well). I’m not using it now but that is because my current phono stage is effectively a closed system only useable with its own matching (MM) cartridges which does give it a big advantage. However as someone who liked trying numerous cartridges both new and used this is slightly disappointing and I still have Simons phono stage for whenever I fancy something slightly different. Having said that I do have the best vinyl sound I have ever experienced at home now.


There is also the H-1202 which perofrmance-wise sits between the H-1201 and the H-1500.

Lotus has ex-demo H5500 and H6500 at the moment.

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The Audia Flight FL phono is supposed to be a really nice sounding thing. You have the option of an MM or MC boards so you can run as MM only if that’s all you need. Not cheap though but you should be able to get one to demo from Elite Audio if it appeals.

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I have an Art Audio unit which I rate. Its had various work/upgrades all of which were worthwhile.
Using as a MM with an external SUT is a better way to go.
They show valve characteristics well (of which I prefer Mullards)
For what these sell S/h for I think they are a bargin.

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