Mmm, shiny

I have Japanman VU meters in storage

I don’t need. I just want.



Have to echo what @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion said.

Having owned the previous flagship PMA-850 (many still rate it) for quite a while; while it is very competent / capable, with a decent phono stage, exciting / characterful / dynamic it isn’t.

Very capable but safe is how I would characterise it.


Shiny is a good name for a thread
I went on the Alehouse meet last night and have been looking at this ever since



I’m already there. It torments me.

Pfft, but for £55k you can have an SME 60 with a blue honeycomb finish and a plastic tonearm.

It’s very well machined apparently :roll_eyes:


I can help you by saying it’s everything you’d hope it to be.
It’s bomb proof and faultless.

I just knew you would be along :grinning:

You are not helping :upside_down_face:


You get a nice wooden crate too.

Being serious, it is simple to use and I just don’t see what I’d change on it at all. People knock the arm but it’s not a “normal” Technics arm!
Faff free and I can’t see it giving me any grief for my life time.

There was a decent priced demo one I saw recently.

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Just buy it so you can tell us it sounds fab then put it up for sale next week.

Not sure you would lose money on it either…

I’m not sure what that means? Can you elaborate?

Who should buy it?
Steve already has one and I have had my current TT for 14 years, I am not a box swapper

It was made specially for the deck and has superior parts to the ones on the cheaper versions. Better bearings etc. A lot of comments assume it’s an off the peg item and speculate it’s a weak point.

I’ll find a link to what I mean… basically the Japanese designer said it was made from the ground up and should not be confused with other offerings:

“…the SL-1000R’s arm is claimed to have far lower-tolerance (tighter) bearings than Technics’ less-expensive arms, and is 10" long (254mm, or 239mm from pivot to spindle), vs the 9" arms on the SL-1200s. The SL-1000R’s arm has a lightweight, high-damping, S-shaped armtube made of magnesium ; a static-balanced, high-precision bearing in a gimbaled system hand-assembled in Japan;”


Not sure now. It was 10k.
They seem to be nearer 16 recently! I’ll have a look. Expect it went!

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The 1200G has a Mg tonearm too. I managed to get mine for £2500 in a Richer Sounds sale. They’re £3500 now. I would love to one day upgrade to the SL1000R…

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It was a reply to the OP about the Denon.

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OK :+1:

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