Mobile Phones Again!


It’s not inexact, there are heat maps for cell reception but you are unlikely to get a copy in the public arena. EE have won the contract to replace Tetra with 4G and are going like the clappers surveying and rolling out cell towers for the go live.

I’ve seen some of the reception maps as we are in the process of switching the coastguard and RNLI over from old 2G pagers to 4G smart phones for call outs and the maps are really well detailed.

If you are planning on getting a phone soon a cheap EE deal will be good as their 4G service will go through the roof soon.


Thanks mate. I work for them so I sort of know what I’m talking about (I hope).

The point about it being inexact stems from radio coverage interaction with man-made buildings, which the maps don’t (can’t) take into account.

Different building materials create huge variance in s/n ratio, so I stand by my statement that it is complicated and inexact.

I have been involved in some of the largest in-building coverage scheme roll-outs in the country.


Ah we’re only concerned with coastal regions and luckily 90% of our traffic is still MF, HF and VHF


That’s like military intelligence, a contradiction in terms.

I’m with EE, and with 30% off with friends and family it’s still not cheap!


My EE deal is pretty good.
S6, 7GB data Unlimited calls etc anywhere in EU is £22.00 a month


Very well! It’s big and doesn’t fit in all my pockets but that gives me an excuse to only wear army trousers…
Camera is most excellent - you can do exposure times of 10 seconds with no worries about shaking. And audio recording is pretty good too - not as good as using decent mics but better than other phones I’ve used.
Otherwise, it behaves in much the same way as any other high end phone but costs £2-300 less!


Anyone with the Pixel (1, 2 or 3) tried the new Night Sight feature on the camera?

Preeety fucking good!


Oh yeah it’s impressive. Here’s a picture of my toilet with the door almost completely closed. The colours are better than I could see.


I just took this one in my dimly lit hifi room, and it’s not a toilet.


That is rather impressive.
it is upgrade time again, got a Samsung S6 which has been fine.

Looking at prices I am thinking of Samsung S8 or Pixel 2.
The other one in the mix is Huawei P20 (std or Pro) but I know nothing about this brand.


Not happy about this. Not happy at all.


I seem to recall Mark used to have his system in the family lounge, looks like he has been evicted!


Nice problem to have :smile:


Anyway, never mind this hifi bollocks - what about my phone choice?


I gave my Samsung S6 to my niece and bought a Moto G6.

I am very happy, and it was cheap.


That isn’t an option as your niece already has a Samsung S6


Great phone, I have one :smiley:


The Pixel is brilliant, much nicer to use than the Samsung imo and I like Samsungs. I sold my S8 and bought a first gen Pixel XL. Never regretted it.


Given the rate at which she destroys phones she’ll need another by next week :smile:


That’s from a 1st gen Pixel too.

Been in here for nearly 15 years.