Model kits anyone?

I’ve never properly grown up, and I love making stuff, although I don’t get much chance to do any building these days.

Anyway a couple of months I treated myself to this:

1/2700 Imperial Star Destroyer. Will be just under 2’ long when complete. The brown box on top is a fibre optic light set.

The illumination requires me to drill approx 1000 0.5m holes:

As I’m doing this by hand, with the little black hand drill, it is tedious beyond belief…

I’m probably going to do it as Vaders ship, ISD Devastator, but with bits added to show little vignettes of episodes IV and V, so with Leia’s ship, The Tantive being tractored into the hangar bay from ANH, and the Millennium Falcon hiding on the back of the bridge tower from TESB. Maybe even Bobs Fett’s Slave 1 hiding in the garbage chute.

You can get these 3D printed to the correct scale, the Falcon is about 13mm long!

If anyone is interested I’ll post up my progress?


Defo interested Rob. That is so geeky, it’s fabulous. A big :+1: from me.

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keep posting - looks great Rob


Definitely, I can’t wait for a thousand strokes of your right hand

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if Lego counts - Louise’s London bus


Was mulling this over until I saw the price:

I would rather do the massive lego kit. Might pick up the James Bond Aston Martin Lego kit over the weekend though.

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I quite fancy the Saturn V - Lego kit

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I prefer being an adult :unamused:


Please do.

I love work. I could watch it all day.


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Indubitably correct in thought and action

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Strayan gif deployed because Strayan…


1:1 scale?


That threw me off as well. Its a 1:1 scale of the original prop from the films.

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dont you wile away your days playing with a train set?

I “while” away my days with real stuff. Real trains, real issues.

My life is a mess :pensive:


Nope, still not cheering me up. Nice of you to try though…:unamused:

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I got that about a year ago. It’s ace, go for it.