....more armchair politics (Part 2)

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And just in time…

Councils are phenomenal at wasting money on IT projects. If you pay shit wages you are going to get a bunch of incompetent fuckwits with neither the intelligence or experience to scope or deliver a project on time or on budget.

Managed decline, plus complete incompetence/ head in sand management = most vulnerable get hit the hardest.

I was having beers with an Irish dude a while back, and the topic of conversation touched on Anglo-Irish relations. He then launched into a massive, passionate diatribe about how much he hated (Oliver) Cromwell.

I didn’t know much about it at the time, and certainly the treatment of the Irish is impressive even in terms of Empire atrocities - up to half of the population wiped out by murder, famine and plague.

Sometimes I’m surprised about the passion and feeling around event of almost 400 years ago, and sometimes I fully understand and respect it, given that it’s not really taught in history or owned by politicians. We Brits have a long history of being massive cunts.


Which ‘we’ is this? I’ve certainly got fuck all to do with the ruling elite who are the ones who wage war, persecute, plunder and trade in slaves etc.


Adam was using the royal “we”, meaning him. :grinning:


It’s definitely psychologically and socially healthy for entire nations to cling tenaciously to the rage and bitterness connected to events that happened four centuries ago, to make anger and pain and loss and injustice the very backbone of your cultural identity, and it definitely makes perfect sense to continue to blame people from 16 generations later whose relationship - like one’s own - is purely geographic. Giving tokens of money and pillaged goods will unquestionably put right all of these long-dead injustices, and nobody will ever continue to exhume them - again-and-again - for their own political ends… :ok_hand:

For similar reasons, cultural and religious ghettoes are also an excellent idea and to be encouraged. :+1:


I do hope you’re not talking about Pode Hole :unamused:.

As you well know, that’s much more of a genetic ghetto…

John Crace on good form:


Many reaction gifs could be posted in response to this, all of them involving expletives.

And in more sochal meedya genius


Letter to the guardian



I see the HofC researcher at the centre of the latest spying for China accusation has issued a statement via lawyers completely and utterly refuting the allegations. He blames misreporting via the press and goes on to say that part of his role was to breif about the Chinese security threat.

Never seen such a statement issued before.

The plot thickens.

What, like the Tory mayoral candidate who utterly refuted the baseless allegations until, oh, yes, I’d best be off then? Or Spanish football twat.

Actually refuted or just rejected?

Very different things.

Completely innocent was his actual words. I just find it strange that Dowden had now told MPs not to discuss any details and those that need to know will be briefed, yet it is only an investigation, well it is now. He was sisterhood arrested earlier in the year while the investigation continues.

This would all normally be done out of sight of the public until actual charges were bought. Someone has briefed the Press, presumably an official leak from the HO/FO, followed by the home sec sounding all tough on China just as Sunak was meeting them at the G20. Now Truss has piled in along with others such as that quiet man idiot.

This sounds more like a difference of China policy between different parts of the Tory Party.