....more armchair politics (Part 2)

Zac Goldsmith is a cunt but I wonder if he got wind of this prior to his resignation

Sunak is such a pathetic little twit.

Can I cling onto power for a few more minutes if I let people carry on gassing the planet for another five years?

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Uxbridge innit

It is basically institutional Dunning-Kruger where organisations can’t see how rubbish they really are. It very much happened in my old idiot accounting firm (of mince wonton notoriety) about pretty much anything including technical ability and eco status, OCC have it in a blind spot about electric buses where even Coventry is ahead.

We are miles behind other countries like Norway in eco terms in so many ways.

At least this time Labour haven’t simply shat themselves when presented with an open goal.


Absolutely. We were in Oslo in 2017 and were amazed at the number of EVs on the road, when they were quite a novelty here. Our hosts just shrugged and said that there were massive tax incentives and it made very little sense to buy anything else.

Apparently Mordor’s guineau pig thinks this is pragmatic.

Listen La La La GIF by Extreme Improv

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PM’s question time at 12.00. It’s a political version of ’ would I lie to you’.

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Not today, HOC is now in Conference Recess. HOL same from end of play tomorrow.

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So a convenient time to make those statements then.

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Couldn’t possibly comment. Although I suspect Speaker Office will have sent the usual reminder to No 10 etc about announcing stuff in the Chamber first.

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Love it

As predicted.

‘I would recall the House immediately’ - Speaker

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the leader of the House of Commons, has said he would “recall the House immediately” if he “had the power” in the wake of net zero news.

A spokeswoman for Sir Lindsay said: “He is writing to the prime minister today, to express that view in the strongest of terms.”

MPs went on recess yesterday for the party conference season, and will return to the Commons on 16 October.

Sir Lindsay has insisted that Mr Sunak’s speech this afternoon “is not the way to do business”.

He is expected to announce changes to the UK’s climate policy.

The spokeswoman said: "This is a major policy shift, and it should have been announced when the House was sitting. Members with very different views on this issue have expressed their disquiet on the way this has been handled, especially as the Commons rose early last night, so there was plenty of time for this statement to be made.

"Instead, the unelected House of Lords will have the opportunity to scrutinise this change in direction this afternoon, when it hears the government’s response to a private notice question on this issue.

“This is not the way to do business. Ministers are answerable to MPs – we do not have a presidential system here.”


A stiff letter.
Seems a bit pointless

He has been banging that drum for months - and been ignored for months

Ford 1 Planet Earth 0.

Actually this is probably going to be bad for all the major motor manufacturers who are investing in EV production massively right now. It is a stupid move which I hope will backfire massively (sorry - I couldn’t resist).

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There is always one bright spark…


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It’s a shame Sunak forgot who he is supposed to be representing…Again

His donors :+1:

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