....more armchair politics (Part 2)

It is the mark of a good politician to be able to hold two contradictory positions at the same time and make it seem perfectly reasonable :grinning:

I’m not even sure it’s contradictory.

You can plausibly argue that having a chamber full of old duffers >80 who are lifers, don’t forget, is not healthy for demographic and competency and ‘rotating the strike’ reasons

Likewise I am sure there is an individual octagenrian in the HoL who is probably fitter than me, definitely smarter than me and almost certainly works harder than me who could do an 8 year stint.

I’m not saying Biden is all three of those but the point being it’s entirely possible to hold both positions reasonably in one’s head.

Double think.


The late great Manny Shinwell didn’t even enter the HoL until he was 85!

You mean there’s logic goes into the process?


Mrs Badenoch it was a “shame” the discussion had been leaked and that there needed to be a “private space” for Conservatives to discuss their challenges.

Translation - I don’t like being caught, I’m not a public servant, transparency is a filthy word


If you can’t say something nice about a person don’t say anything.

In that case, this place is going to be pretty fucking quiet henceforth…


What nice things can anyone say about either of those two?

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It’s what my Nana used to say. It’s all a bit putsch in a golf club in the Conservative Parliamentary Party innit?


That one’s too bitey - one way trip to the vets methinks…





Wonder how long it will take Anderson to realise he is just being used.

Guarantee they fall out soon.

Love the way Farage bangs on about democracy as he runs his one man undemocratic party.


It’s a fucking scam, a grift - upside of that is money-grubbing bickering will always divide cunts like those :+1:

Downside, is the hard-of-thinking will vote for them anyway…

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30p Lee has a way to drift rightwards. Gauleiter of Ashfield looms.

I think Tugendhat was over 10k, probably the sensible choice for leader … so clearly has no chance.

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I was very happy to hear from the count binface podcast that Truss set the record of the biggest swing away from a Tory candidate. At least she left with two records under her name