More hifi related drivel

So having scampered back to my man cave with me stereo, wifey has suggested “a turntable and small speakers” for the lounge.

Given the mono clusterfuck of trying to fit big speakers firing down the room, what I’m thinking now is a pair of standmounts firing across the room either side of the fireplace.

The choice of speaker will be a delicate matter - they will need to be small, sealed box/ able to work pretty close to the back wall. Crucially they will have to have the enigmatic and unfathomsble WAFx10.

Any ideas? :bulb:

Q Acoustics.

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Teribil Audio MTCA (more than you can affords)


A pair of Guru Junior if you can find some used.

These suit you?



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Have you considered going active? This would save space and gain a few happy wifey points.

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Heybrook Sextets. Floor standers, but small, pretty and work against a wall. One of my favourite speakers.

Harbeth P3ESR.

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Ruark Templar Mk1s are petite and sound rather lovely.

If we had a 2nd room,i’d probably have a pair of active bluetooth type ones,handy for the kids to.

This is turning into your 35mpg on a run.


I’ve had three or four pairs!


I think that the most important thing about a second system is to work out what you want it for. Is it going to be for casual listening while reading the paper or chatting to the wife? Or do you want a genuinely interesting system that is a change from the main system but still really good?

KEF LS50 actives seem interesting

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Rehdeko,any model :+1:
Or a pair of Tocaro 40e
Or the Helco single driver model (can’t remember the name). Speak to Guy. Although, they are floorstanders tthey wouldn’t be any bigger than small speakers on stands.
Happy hunting

My Heco’s work stonkingly well 35 cm’s from the rear wall and have good WAF.

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Oops, yeah I meant Heco not Helco